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Poblano Pepper Stuffed with Cheese, Rice and Beans Tray
1 Case with 14 Frozen Trays.
Each Tray includes 1 Chile Relleno (5 oz.), Rice and Beans.

Burrito de Premium Poblano Pepper Stuffed with Rice, Tomato Sauce, Beans and Cheese.
1 Case with 30 Units.

Poblano Pepper Stuffed with Cheese and Tomato Sauce Retail Pack.
1 Case with 7 Units.
Each unit includes 4 Chiles Rellenos and 2 bags of Tomato Sauce.

1 Case with 40 Desserts:
o 10 pieces of Carrot Bread (0.22 Lbs each one)
o 10 pieces of Cornbread (0.22 Lbs each one)
o 5 pieces of Lemon Carlota (0.30 Lbs each one)
o 5 pieces of Strawberries & Cream (0.35 Lbs each one)
o 5 pieces of Rice Pudding (0.41 Lbs each one)
o 5 pieces of Guava Cake (0.28 Lbs each one)

The best of Mexico in your own dinner table. Taste the delicious mexican food


1231 S. Eastman Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90023

16315 Dundee Rd #100 Cypress, TX 77429


(281) 758-8380


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