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Do you have a craving of traditional Mexican food?

You don´t have to look any further. We have traditional dishes that will remind you of the unique flavor of the Mexican cuisine.

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The Itacate

The Frida’s party

Burritos and Chili’s Fever

A Bit of…

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When you order your combo, you can choose among these delicious and traditional Mexican dishes:


If you have a craving for something sweet, we have the perfect desserts to complement your meals, two classics from the Mexican cuisine.

Sweet cornbread

Carrot bread

About Us

We are a brand that takes the best quality products from the Mexican fields and deliver them to your table, fresh, delicious, and easy to prepare.  One of our goals is to spread the Mexican cuisine all over U.S. and North America. That anyone that is curious for or has a craving of Mexican traditional food, will be able to get it without complication.

The products that we sale come from brands recognized for their quality and flavor. Our main goal is to expand our catalogue until we have a variety of products that will show the diversity of the Mexican cuisine. That everyone that loves Mexican food will be able to get fresh and flavory products, and those that have never tasted it, will have the chance to fall in love with it.

Brands that make up Best of Mx:

Delicious chiles rellenos, fresh and almost ready to eat.

In order to deliver fresh, delicious and high-quality products, we´ve partnered with the best brands of frozen foods in the market

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